An Overview of Banieh Law

Marcia Banieh
Marcia Banieh

My name is Marcia Banieh an I’m the new owner of this website. Banieh Law is dedicated to exploring new concepts in the criminal justice system and how it may assist people in Texas who have been accused of a crime and may need insight into the besting their situation.

I’m a law scholar, and avid reader, and a former law professor at a renown law school in Houston, TX. My husband is a Houston criminal defense lawyer and my daughter is in law school. I guess it’s safe to saw that our family is in the law business. Heck, all my other relatives are either judges or police officers or federal officials. We’re are the law family, lol!

For the Criminally Accused

If you’re a person who was arrested for a crime in Houston or some where else in Texas, then this blog should give you the insight you’ll need to make a sound decision about how to handle your case, and who you should allow to help with it. It’s always best to secure legal representation from an experienced defense attorney when faced with criminal charges which have to go through the judicial system.

For the General Public

If you’re not a person that’s facing criminal charges, but a person who is just interested in law, crime can be quite entertaining which is evident by the proliferation of crime-shows in mainstream media. For some reason it seems that people like to hear and read about the suffering of others. Schadenfreude I think it’s called. Anyway, if you’re a member of the general public, we invite you visit this blog, bookmark it, and visit back often. This site will be growing soon!